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In addition to our pro version of the content editor, we also offer multiple additional plugins which may be used separately (stand-alone) or together with Ultimate Tinymce PRO.


Ultimate Tinymce PRO

The most advanced, powerful, up-to-date WordPress content editor on the market. Push content editing to the extreme, and create blog pages like the pros!

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Classes and IDs

Create two new dropdowns for applying CSS styling; one for classes and one for id’s. Each dropdown dynamically populates dependent on active editor element.

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Google Webfonts

Select from over 500 unique Google Webfonts. Each font becomes available via the “Style Select” dropdown box.

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Advanced Configuration

This plugin will allow complete control over every editor setting possible. Control button arrangements; wpautop function; editor css file locations; and more!

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Predefined Styles

This plugin will add over 80 pre-defined styles to the dropdown style selector. Simply activate the plugin and begin adding profession styles with a button-click!

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Custom Styles

Manually define unique custom styles which will be added to the styles dropdown in the visual editor mode. Create as many styles as you like!

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